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The Nursery shuts down its daily operations for the season on December 24 at 3:00pm, and reopens in March. From January till March we open our doors on Saturdays from 9-1 for the Farmers Market, which is in the greenhouse where its cozy and warm.

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    Spring has Sprung, So Lets Get Busy!

    Happy Spring! It might take another week or two to really start to feel that Spring warmth, but Gossett Nursery is gearing up with some great events to help jump start your 2014 growing season. Take a look at the list below to get a taste of the fun and informative gatherings happening each weekend from now till May.

    "Live at the Farmers' Market" events sponsored by the nursery.  All will take place at noon on Saturdays

    • Saturday 3/22:  Seed-Starting Class with Melissa:  A hands-on workshop where you'll learn to plant up a tray of seeds for transplanting outside when it warms up.  A $35 fee covers three packets of seeds of your choice, a seed-starting tray, plant markers, and soil.  Kids are welcome, accompanied by a parent.

    • Saturday 3/29:  "Thinking Spring!" : An informal Q & A session with Melissa focusing on gardening activities in the coming weeks.

    • Saturday 4/5:  Meet the Lewisboro Garden Club!  Come learn about the club's projects and upcoming events!

    • Saturday 4/12:  "My Pet Chicken"-Fest!  Learn about keeping pet backyard chickens from Traci Torres of "My Pet Chicken," an outstanding on-line source of all things chicken--chicks/ pullets; supplies of all kinds; housing; and, best of all, great information.  Chicken stories for the kids!

    • Saturday 4/19:  "Oh, Deer!":  A chance to commiserate and swap strategies for managing our white-tailed neighbors.  What to plant, what and how to spray, whether to fence…

    • Saturday 4/26:  Meet the Lewisboro Land Trust Team:  Learn about what this wonderful organization is doing in Lewisboro to "link people to the land"

      The Lewisboro Land Trust was founded in 1995 to help preserve the rural landscape, biodiversity, water quality, and quality of life in Lewisboro. They have helped preserve over 1,000 acres in Lewisboro. 

      Their current focus, in response to changing community priorities, is to “link people to the land” and to offer ways to use and enjoy our town preserves for education and recreation.

    • Saturday 5/3:  "Native Plantings for Birds and Wildlife"-- a talk by Jim Nordgren

    • Saturday 5/10:  The Annual Lewisboro Garden Club's Mother's Day Fundraiser.  Members of the Garden Club will be on hand selling baked goods and assisting nursery customers in choosing annuals and perennials for their spring gardens.  A portion of the proceeds from the day's sales goes to the Garden Club.

    • Saturday 5/17:  Anita Dafonte, garden expert and Regional Manager for Coast of Maine Soils, will talk to us about organic gardening and integrating ornamental plants into veggie gardens. Anita is a frequent speaker at Horticultural shows and events; she lives and gardens on five acres in Newtown, CT .

    Weekday Events

    • Wednesday April 9 at 1 p.m.:  Melissa will pay her annual spring visit to the Lewisboro Seniors at their lunch meeting in the South Salem firehouse.  She leads a Q & A session, and then she and Jan give each attendee a giftwrapped pansy.  A reminder that every Wednesday is Senior Citizens' Day (10% discount) at Gossett Brothers!

    • Wednesday evening, April 16th, at 7 p.m. : Anita Dafonte will be on hand at the nursery with a slide show to accompany her talk on organic gardening. Lots of time for Q & A! 

      Anita Dafonte

      I came to gardening through food,” Anita Dafonte says.

      The daughter of a Greenwich pastry chef, she grew up in the floury realm of cakes and breads, quiches and hors d’oeuvres. As Anita’s cooking skills progressed, it dismayed her to learn that the vegetable varieties she sought for her recipes, the flavor-packed heirloom tomatoes and diversity of peppers, were unavailable. She decided to grow them.

      Now an avid gardener who specializes in unique varieties of vegetables, Anita travels the Northeast giving lively and informative demonstrations on how to create a vegetable garden that’s both beautiful and productive. She discusses which varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other vegetables to grow for certain dishes, how to build a rich, organic soil, the tools you’ll need and how to incorporate flowers among your vegetables for color and beauty.

      Anita, who lives and gardens on five acres in Newtown, is the Sales Director for Coast of Maine Organic Products. She graduated last fall from the Maine Compost School of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. She was the Sales Manager for many years of Fine Gardening and the former Kitchen Gardening magazines.


    Fresh as a Spring Chicken 

    Spring is soooo very close and we just can’t wait for it to finally arrive! This Saturday morning at the Farmers Market it was warn enough to bring out some of the pansies and other great plants from the greenhouse. Along with those spring plants, Melissa’s chickens, Russell Crowe, Adele and Evelyn made their celebrity debut to greet our faithful patrons market, which was outside today.

    There are some great Saturday events coming in March, April and May to the Nursery. Learn about the benefits of raising chickens, a seed starting class and so much more. We just don’t want to sell you quality plants, but are passionate about helping you get the most out of your garden and landscape. Most of all, we love sharing our tip and tricks to help you enjoy your garden and see the amazing and healthy benefits their are when you get your hands in your own soil.

    So keep an eye here and on our Facebook page for all the details. We have the feeling that the 2014 growing season is going to be one for the books! There are so much amazing plants, trees, shrubs and garden accessories on the way to the Nursery! The only thing left to do now is to get the sleep out of Spring’s eyes and have him kick Ol’ Man Winter out of town!


    New Year, New Look, New Opportunities 

    Here at the Nursery, a new bird area is under construction.  Many Gossetts' staff members are avid birders   (wild birds as well as…uh, well, domestic fowl.  See chicken event above) This season we are featuring Droll Yankee feeders--Yankee Flipper anyone?  If you haven't seen the video of squirrels being (very humanely!) whirled off the "Flipper", then you're in for a treat!  Humans definitely think it's hilarious, and I think many birds must be chuckling into their wings too from a branch or two above.  We're also featuring Audubon feeders and hummingbird feeders and supplies. In the works is a bulk birdseed station. Customers will be able to scoop specialty seed by the pound.  Coming soon, we hope.  And by the way, JohnnyCake Farms, a staple vendor at Gossetts' Saturday and Sunday Farmers' Market, has homemade suet that they'll custom carve off the block for you!

    Lisa Miller's Cottage Antiques business has relocated just around the corner to a charming antique blacksmith's shop next to the Horse and Hound Pub on Spring Street.  We want Gossetts' customers to be sure to visit her new shop; you'll fall in love and, as always, find the perfect gift. Our Gossett team will miss her terribly, but we celebrate her incredible vision--both her great 'eye' for wonderful items and her view of an exciting future in her gorgeous new digs.

    New garden classes, a new Nursery showroom and new products are all coming your way this growing season. Keep an eye here for more details as we share our vision with you. We can't wait to get our hands dirty, to get back to the soft earth and we bet you are feeling the same way. So stay tuned, great stuff is about to happen here at Gossett Nursery. To give you just a little sneak peak of what is happening this 2014 growing season, take a look at the photos below and check back soon for more details.


    2013.......It was a very good year

    The 2013 growing season is officially over and the Nursery has shifted over to "hibernation" mode, which means that the Nursery will be open on weekends from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm on Saturdays and from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm on Sundays. During that time you can come and shop at the farmers market or shop for houseplants in our greenhouse along with garden supplies for your home and garden.

    Cottage Antiques will also be open at the times quoted above and by appointment. The Gossett crew will take some time off, but right after the start of the New Year, we will be back planning for the 2014 growing season which will begin sometime in March, it all depends on the weather.

    Along with planning for the upcoming year, the crew is doing some cleanup, Tom is getting the yearly maintenance on all the vehicles done and Melissa is chatting with growers near and far to see what unique and special plants are on the horizon. Somewhere in February, once the plan for the year is finalized, the ordering begins and we make a decision on when to start our 7 day operation. A lot goes on at the Nursery in the winter, everything needs to be thought through in advance, since when the warm weather hits, we concentrate on setting up and getting everything ready for your arrival.

    If you think about it, no other shop or business (except a farm of course) goes through the amount of set-up and breakdown as a nursery does. It is a lot of work, but come spring, when everything begins to bloom again, it is well worth the effort. The Nursery is sort of like a old-time Hollywood outdoor set, where a scene for a movie is created out of nothing, exists for the shoot and then is torn down again, the space ready to be used for something different. Our "sets" include a Spring, Autumn and Winter look that is planned out in advance, each year getting a bit better from lessons learned from seasons past.

    We hope you enjoy the winter of 2013/2014 and look forward to seeing you again in the spring. Stop by on the weekends for the Farmers Market, to get some garden supplies or a special houseplant to bring some color to your winter. As in the past 35 years, we are excited for the coming growing season and all the amazing colors, scents and beauty that mother nature brings us year after year. Working at the Nursery, we get to be part of the natural cycle of the year, watching the Nursery going from Spring to Summer, Fall to Winter, and having you be part of that journey with us.

    Thank you for an outstanding 2013 (one of our best seasons ever!) and keep your eyes on this website, our Twitter feed and the Facebook page for updates and specials and, most importantly, when we kickoff the 2014 growing season!


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